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31 October 2007 @ 04:49 pm
I went to the Dave Eggers book signing! ^________________^ (Julie smiley). It was sooooooooo awesome. I'm so going to marry him XD But I didn't get a picture with him TT_TT It was too crowded. And I had to go by myself (double TT_TT). I didn't know how to get back from the theater either, so I spent like fifteen minutes after the event tentatively wandering the nearby streets of downtown Pittsburgh AT NIGHT looking for the right bus stop >.< Of course, I knew most of the buses I wanted would be stopping along this main street across the bridge, but that was about a ten-fifteen minute walk BY MYSELF and did I already mention AT NIGHT? >.< So I was going to just try waiting at a stop across the street from the one I got off on and hope that the bus would come back along the same route. Then I heard this girl waiting at the bus stop with me asking someone if a bus to Oakland stopped there. !!! That's exactly where I was headed! OMG!!!!!!!!! XD It turns out she goes to University of Pittsburgh which is literally right down the street from Carnegie Mellon! So it felt safe enough for two of us to walk to that main street and catch the right bus. It was fun talking to her. She's so friendly. And after we got off at our respective bus stops I didn't think we'd talk again, but then she facebooked me yesterday! Yay! Friend! ^^ Anyway, that was my mini adventure XD

OH! I got a B on my calculus test! WITHOUT the curve!!! I'm soooooo happy about that. I got an F on my last one >.< Which magically turned into a C with the curve O.o

I'm mourning over the loss of my poor cellphone... I think I lost all my ringtones and pictures with it TT_TT I don't even remember if my numbers were saved to my sim card or the phone itself... *sigh* Anyway, my parents are sending me an old crappy one that I'll probably use until our contract ends. Whenever that is... >.< MY PHONE!!! TT_TT
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28 October 2007 @ 05:24 pm
I broke my phone... among other things that are sucking right now. Yeah, so I won't be answering my phone for a while. If anyone wants to talk, skype me.
26 October 2007 @ 11:48 pm
I think I'm healthy-food deprived... We just got this new store on campus that sells all these organic/healthy foods (on top of the really bad stuff of course ¬_¬) and I went a little nuts in there. I only bought a few things though: kashi cereal, skim milk, baby carrots, and raisins. It was so weird watching the guy ring up all my stuff. I NEVER buy things like that. Well, not never but not often. Anyway, it was strange. There's just too much junk food on campus. AND I'm starting to go on the treadmill in the mornings. I HATE running. Things are all backwards...

OH MY GOSH THE FUNNIEST THING HAPPENED TONIGHT!!!!!! So, we heard there were some Halloween "activities" going on at this one dorm, so we decided to check it out. The guys there had set up this big elaborate haunted house. Now, as some of you may know, I'm a complete wuss when it comes to scary movies and things jumping out of shadows. But everyone wanted to go in, and I thought what the heck, it'll be okay as long as I'm with other people. But as we started to go in, I got kind of freaked out and I told my friend Tamar, "if anyone jumps out at me, I'm going to hit them with my umbrella." (Yes, I was carrying an umbrella because it was rainy). So we went in and these people were pretending to be zombies and they were limping towards us and stuff. And you know how people dressed up in those scary costumes can get really obnoxious? Yeah, so this one guy was coming a little too close to me and he looked really gross with that weird makeup, so I just kind of pushed him away with my umbrella and was like, "don't touch me." So that was all pretty okay. But THEN we walked past this black curtain, and this guy jump out of a corner wearing this weird white mask (I was holding my umbrella on my shoulder like a weapon just for fun) and I freaked out so bad that I hit him. Not HARD, but I did hit him. And he was like "Oh god!" and he jumped back into the shadows XD After that Tamar and I couldn't stop laughing. It was sooooooo funny. I totally didn't MEAN to hit him, but I just reacted XD And then this big guy in a black robe and mask who was supposed to be scary came up behind us and was like, "what's so funny?" And that only made us laugh harder XD Then we went into this other part where this weird guy was standing with a cleaver, and he was moving REALLY slowly. At first we thought he was pointing somewhere, like he wanted us to go through this space between the curtains, and Tamar said in this mean voice, "There's nothing there." Then he held the cleaver out to us and started moving it like he was trying to cut our heads off in slow motion or something. So I held up my umbrella and tentatively knocked it against the cleaver. It was sooo rubbery and fake XD And he didn't really do anything, so I just kept hitting that rubbery cleaver with my umbrella like we were having a sword fight. And for some reason it was just hilarious to me XD Especially because he didn't laugh or anything. Yeah, so that was the haunted house. I can't believe I hit that guy... I crack up every time I think about it XD Tamar said that I scared the haunted house people XDDD

Random note: my English prof is officially awesome. There were some doubts before, but no longer. When she was using her computer to type stuff and project it onto a screen, she typed "teh awesome" XD
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24 October 2007 @ 09:45 pm
WHOO HOO!!! I finished all my work! YES!!! I'm running on barely any sleep, and I've had like three double shots in the past two days! @_@ I wasted a good night of sleep on Monday writing a psych paper that isn't actually due till NEXT Tues. >.< But I don't care! I'M DONE WITH EVERYTHING NOW! BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!


You know what's ironic? Just after my last post, Sumeet shaved. It was out of nowhere too. Speaking of guys shaving...there's this one guy in my English class who I've never thought of as bad looking but I've never really noticed. And he has this scraggly sort of facial hair that bothered me. Then today he walked into class CLEAN-SHAVEN for the first time this semester. And I couldn't believe how much better he looked. I spent the whole class looking at him like this: O.O He was just so cute all of a sudden. The change was almost frightening XD

Anyway, I'm off to read everyone's posts. I'm so behind...
22 October 2007 @ 10:41 am

I went shopping with Sumeet and Ashwin on Friday. Tamar was gone, so I no female company TT_TT It was sort of fun, but then it was sort of NOT fun. I couldn't browse around and waste time in stores, and I couldn't ask them if something looked good or if I should buy it. There's only so much shopping you can do with guys (except Max XD). It made me wish I was at Alamoana with all of you again TT_TT AND that same day when Sumeet and I were walking around, this REALLY HOT Asian guy walked past us, and I HAD to say something because he was just that good-looking. So I told Sumeet that the Asian guy was really cute, and he was like, "I'm not one of your girl friends or something." And I was like, "Yeah, but...there's nobody else around that I can tell!" TT_TT So yeah, I was really feeling the loss of all of you this weekend. Especially with the lack of female company.

And because a few people have been pestering me... Here's a few pictures of Sumeet to keep you happy:

picturesCollapse )

AND I think this guy I know was trying to ask me out O.o *avoids*
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20 October 2007 @ 02:51 am
BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! This is just too funny. Sumeet hasn't shaved in like a week or two, his hair is all long and crazy, and he wears this black hoodie and black beanie a lot now that it's cold. The overall effect of his look: drug-dealer. I'm not kidding. He looks so shady. The really hilarious things is that late last night when we were walking around campus, this guy came up to him and asked if he knew where he could get some weed XD Then when we went shopping today and he was standing in line with me while I payed for stuff, the lady behind the counter asked him if he needed cigarettes XDXDXD It's too funny. If you talk to Sumeet for any amount of time, you know that he's the last person on earth who would buy cigarettes or know where to get drugs. But the way he looks now...XD If I were to take a picture of him and send it to my family, they'd freak out XD

On another note... Here's something random I did tonight: run around an empty building on campus at 1 o'clock for no reason whatsoever. It was really dumb, but we were bored. Everyone else goes out partying on the weekends. We do stupid things like that.
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17 October 2007 @ 11:44 am
New Barats and Bereta video!

My English prof's quote of the week: (regarding revising our interpretative questions) "Yes, but fix sometimes means ripping it up into little tiny pieces, throwing it up in the air, and dancing on it."
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16 October 2007 @ 11:26 am
Backpacking trip was awesome. But it made me sore for a long time, and I now have a crap load of work to do >.< One of my psych classes is really, really frustrating me. I just haven't been doing well on the tests and quizzes (except the very first quiz). It's not like I don't study either. I DO study. And it's all memorization, so it shouldn't be that difficult. I just don't get why I can't score well on the tests. And here's the worse part. Sumeet and I always study for that class together. And he's pretty much given up on paying attention to the lectures. He just writes/draws all over my notebook in class. So when we study, I always have to explain the concepts to him. And it feels like if I can explain all the info, then I should know it, right? And I feel like I do. But then when we take the test/quiz, I do badly and Sumeet does REALLY WELL. This is the second time in a row that I've helped him study, and he's gotten at least ten percent higher than me >.< It's sooooooo unbelievably aggravating. It wouldn't be so bad if I was slacking off or something, but I'm really not. I really do study for these tests. I blame my TA. Partly anyway. She confuses me. Our professor teaches us things, and then she teaches us other things that were in the curriculum LAST YEAR. So I end up being confused as to which one is right and which one I should study. I swear, the professor has no idea what the TAs teach and the TAs have no idea what the professor teaches. ;LAKJSDLK;JL;AGHOPIHERPIOTHAPKJEH;KLDAN;KLAJDFGO;IJ!!!!! Anyway, I gotta go to class now. My GOOD psych class where we actually know what to study for the tests.
08 October 2007 @ 11:42 am
Got lots and lots of work to do T_T. At least I'm finished with my stats exam. Yay! Today in calc we were studying exponential population growth, and we were using this scenario with a place called Rabbit Island. Our prof asked us what would cause a large population of rabbits to decrease. This one guy shouted out, "Wolf Island" and I thought that was hilarious XD

Yesterday some sketchy guys pulled up beside us while we were waiting for the bus and invited us to their party. We were like, "yeah, I don't think so." And then they said, "there won't be any niggers. don't worry we don't like them" O.O Like that would make us suddenly feel like going. And when they drove away they screamed, "White power!!!" Wtf?
04 October 2007 @ 01:41 pm
This is the second night in a row I've fallen asleep in the common room doing homework. And both times I woke up at like 5:30, freezing cold and had to drag myself up four flights of stairs to my own bed. I'm going to develop weird sleeping habits...

I actually think I did well on my abnormal psychology test! yay! This is really awesome for me, because I've been doing badly on all of my tests so far.

AlcoholEdu is the dumbest thing ever. Just thought I'd throw that out there.

Sumeet's quote of the day: "Why are you always the butt of the jokes? I want to be the butt..."